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In the abrasive blasting industry, much time is spent and injuries incurred in the process of removal of many tons of abrasive from confined spaces such as tanks, ships, rail cars and underground vaults. The process often involves a lot of pushing and shoveling, wheeling and carrying, and buckets and conveyors. Although a vacuum may be a big investment, it can be a tremendous timesaver and prevent a lot of back injuries and lost-time. If you can’t justify the cost of buying a vacuum, rental from Blast Coat Systems is another option.


Portable blasting systems are designed to provide the lowest pressure drop while using a wide range of media. Available in packages or individually, the low maintenance design minimizes downtime and increases productivity. Custom systems can be designed to meet specific needs with a multitude of options. These units feature normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls for greater safety and performance. If you can’t justify the cost of buying a Blast Pot, rental from Blast Coat Systems is another option.

Stationary cartridge-style dust collectors by Abrasive Blast Systems, LLC (ABS) primarily for abrasive blasting operations, but can be used in other dust load applications. ABS dust collectors are available in all necessary sizes to provide room end-to-end air flow of 50 FPM up to 100+ FPM depending on customer requirements. Gravity or auger discharge is available depending on the size of the collector. Filtration performance up to HEPA quality.

Uniquely designed to be portable, these Dust Collection Units are perfect for abrasive blasting contractors, refineries, government vehicle and equipment refurbishment facilities, oil and gas companies, painting contractors, shipyards, pool cleaners, steel fabricators, steel tank manufacturers, gas and oil field contractors, bridge blasting, water tank painting and refurbishing, fracking sites, and many other applications. These units can be shipped directly to any location in the United States or can be picked up at our plant.

These portable dust collection systems range from 2,000 CFM to 60,000 CFM, and larger. If you need a custom portable dust collection system please contact us so we can design/provide one to meet your specifications.

The Blast Pak PRO from Van Air Systems is a complete portable single tower deliquescent drying package engineered specifically for blasting and painting contractors. The complete package is conveniently pre-assembled and welded to a forklift skid, allowing for maximum portability in mobile drying applications. Blast Pak PRO dryers are easily lifted onto the back of a truck or trailer and moved around a worksite. If you can’t justify the cost of buying a Compressed Air Dryer, rental from Blast Coat Systems is another option.

From the simple to the complex, Blast Coat Systems can design, fabricate, install and start up an Abrasive Blast Booth to meet your needs. We have done everything from blast booths in shipping containers with no reclamation to multiple large booths with full floor auger recovery and 100 FPM end-to-end ventilation for large equipment repair. John Ulrich, owner of Blast Coat Systems, has been building and installing this type of equipment for over 40 years all over the world. There is no one in the industry that better understands the needs of the customer and how to accomplish them in a cost-effective way. We can also provide turnkey installation of your project, including concrete work, compressors, electrical work, and a cover building if needed. We have the experience in all areas to completely oversee the project from start to finish. Some of our projects are shown below:

Upgrades and Retrofits

Tired of shoveling the abrasive out of your blast booth? How about lots of costly downtime to fix aging chains, bearings, elevators? How about tired of your blasters telling you that they can’t see what they’re doing and that’s why they can’t work faster? You don’t have to live with these problems. Blast Coat Systems can meet with you to discuss new lighting, dust collection, recovery and reclaim equipment, or whatever is needed to turn that aging dungeon into a high production workplace that you can be proud of.