Rental Equipment

Meeting Industry Needs With Rental Solutions

Blast Coat Systems, Inc. offers rental services for a wide range of equipment used in sandblasting and related industries. Our inventory includes sandblasting equipment, dust collectors, bulk blast pots, portable blast pots, Vector “Vecloader” vacuums, compressed air dryers, blast lights, and decon trailers. These rental options cater to various sectors such as oil and gas refineries, mining sites, water and storage tanks, pipelines, and shipyards. Whether you need equipment for surface preparation, cleaning, or maintenance, Blast Coat Systems has you covered with quality rental solutions.

Dust Collector

6,000 CFM * 12,000 CFM * 20,000 CFM

Highway trailer-mounted and diesel-driven for quick delivery and set up. 16” and 20” flexible ducting is also available for rent. Dust Collection Units are self-contained, needing only diesel fuel and a small amount of compressed air for filter cleaning.

See complete specs at EnTech Industries.

Blast Pots​

Bulk Abrasive Blast Pots: 8-ton capacity bulk pot with multiple nozzle capability allow the user to ramp up production on larger projects using multiple blasters and cutting down on abrasive handling time. The use of 4000lb bulk bags for filling as opposed to 50, 75, or 100 lb. bags is a real time saver.

6.5 cubic feet (600# approx.) Portable blast pot with wheels and pneumatic or electric remote controls.

Vector “Vecloader” Vacuums

Diesel-powered 28” Highway trailer-mounted vacuums for high production transfer of solids and liquids to containers, roll-offs, trucks, etc. Discharge chute can be elevated up and away from the vacuum for dumping into a variety of disposal options of varying heights and sizes. Commonly used to remove large quantities of abrasives and other solids from petrochemical and water storage tanks, ships, rail cars, etc. Complete specs on the Vecloader and on other Vector vacuums available for purchase can be found here.

See technical resources and data sheets at Vector Technologies Ltd.

Compressed Air Dryers

Powered by compressed air, these deliquescent compressed air dryers (up to 1600 cfm capacity) use cooling, centrifugal action, and desiccant tablets to deliver clean, dry compressed air to your abrasive blasting operation. Dry air reduces/eliminates downtime due to damp abrasive clogging your grit valves, as well as possible flash rusting of the steel surface from the moisture in the blast stream. Units are skid-mounted.

Western Technology Blast Light

The Brick by Western Technology is the most versatile, portable explosion proof area light on the market. Can be put into a large or small space. Designed to be strong and an output of 96 LEDS, putting out 11,500 lumins with an optic capable of throwing light from 150-200ft. Lightweight, portable, and highly mountable. Perfect for applications where there is combustible gas or combustable dust present.

Decon Trailer

Units can be picked up at BCS Will Call, or transported by BCS truck, or 3rd party trucking.

Provides on site decontamination of lead or asbestos for workers. OSHA compliant for lead removal and HEPA negative air unit.

Contact us for more details.

Partnering For Success

Blast Coat Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of rental solutions for sandblasting and related industries. From cutting-edge equipment to dedicated customer support, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers and helping them achieve success in their operations. Whether it’s surface preparation, cleaning, or maintenance, trust Blast Coat Systems to deliver quality rental solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Give us a call today for more information.